Cake guides

Serving size + cutting guide

Serving size and cutting guide is based on how you can cut your cake to achieve the suggested maximum number of portions based on a 1” x  2” serving. The actually size of the sponge is 2" in height plus 1/2" filling with a finished height of approximately 4.5”. Here at Lavender honey we like to have more cake then filling, so while it may seem as though the servings are slender, they do have accommodation in more cake per slice. Tall cakes can be cut in half to double your serving portion, or be served as one whole slice.



4" round

6" round

8" round

10" round

6 servings


14 servings

26 servings

30 servings

2 layers

12 servings


28 servings

52 servings

60 servings

3 layers




Frosting -

Cake -

Filling -


When picking up your order, it's recommend that you keep your air conditioning on.
If you are driving a long distance in hot weather, I can also provide you with
an insulated cake box for an additional fee.

Cakes are more secure on a level surface like the floor of your car rather than in your hands/lap. Personal I place cakes in the trunk using a box or item to lightly but securely wedge cake box to one side of the car.

Sunlight can heat up your cake and cause the buttercream to soften.
It's recommend using a sun shade or placing the box in a darker section of your car.

Avoid sharp turns and abrupt stops that could cause the cake box to slide or tip over.

For all of my tiered cakes, it's recommend that you opt for delivery. 
Cake transport is stressful and the last thing you need to worry about on your

special day.


Cake leftovers

Is there ever any cake leftover? If so here is some great tips to keep your cake tasting fresh as the day it was made.

Refrigerator- Place cake in the fridge for 10-15 minutes to let the frosting harden up a bit. You can skip this step but makes it a lot easier for the following. Take cake out of fridge and warp with saran warp. Place cake back in fridge till ready to serve. When ready to eat take cake out and let it sit at room temp for 15-20 mins before eating. 

consume within 2-3 days

Freezer- Personal I like to cut the remaining cake into slices and wrap individually. Place in an air tight container then into the freezer. Now your able to take out single slices whenever you're craving cake. Let the slice sit at room temp for 15 mins before eating.

Consume within 2-3 months

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